OL&B Railway Purchases New Locomotive

OL&B Railway recently added a new locomotive to their fleet. The new locomotive is a GP38-3 and is numbered OLB 47. The old locomotive, previously numbered OLB 47, will now be identified as OLB 12. OLB 47 was rebuilt similarly to how BNSF and Union Pacific rebuild their 4 axle locomotive fleets so that knowledge on repairs and parts availability will be much better than OLB 12, which was on year 24 since it’s rebuild. OLB 47 is equipped with a rebuilt motor, traction motors, and received new electronics upgrades that are the latest in the industry. The new improvements increases adhesion (tractive effort) and improves diagnostics. OLB 12 will live on in the OL&B fleet but will be used primarily as a backup.

The new locomotive is rated at 2,000 horsepower and 87,000 lbs. of tractive effort which is how railroads measure pulling effort. OLB 47 is a 500 horsepower increase over OLB 12 and its new electronics provide approximately 20,000 lbs. increase over OLB 12. The new locomotive is FRA compliant and will be capable of operating on BNSF and UP lines if it is ever needed.

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