Now that the golf season is over, a crew from Constructors led by Jerrad Spoon is on site at Quarry Oaks to tear out and replace several stretches of cart path in need of repair.
“Due to the inherently hilly nature of the Quarry Oaks property and 25 years of sub surface erosion we need to repair several stretches of cart paths on the course”, said Ken Cuddy, Golf Course Superintendent. “We are so fortunate to have this work done in-house by a sister company: Constructors. This same crew has done work out here before and work with great efficiency and knowledge of the course. They also appreciate and understand the delicate turf conditions and take great care to protect the course while getting the work done in a timely manner” Cuddy went on to say. In addition, they will be installing guard rail along some of the new stretches of cart path. Quarry Oaks was able to repurpose rustic timbers from several of the OPPD power poles that were replaced last year to serve as the guard rail. This weathered natural timber look will blend in with the aesthetics of the property while providing a safe cart path for our patrons.
Work began on January 20th and should be done within 30 days.