Constructors continues to work on the I-80/I-680 interchange in Omaha.

The projects includes 3.75 miles of resurfacing on the westbound I-80 collector distributor road, ramps and shoulders from the I-80/I-680 interchange through Q Street. The project also includes bridge repairs on the collector road bridge at the interchange and over the railroad. Improvements consist of milling and resurfacing the existing roadway andsurface shoulders with asphalt.

A 32-inch concrete barrier will be constructed between the collector road and westbound I-80 from north of I Street to south of Q street. Bridge work includes deck and approach-slab repairs, waterproof membrane, asphalt overlay, replacement of expansion joints, and repairing concrete barrier curbs. Constructors will also be adding 47 new area inlets as well as a new storm sewer that was self performed. The project is scheduled to be completed in late summer. Trafcon will be doing the striping on the project.